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Habitat for Humanity - Oconee County, SC
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Funds may be provided in many ways and amounts, from sponsorship of the total construction costs of a house to the donation of unneeded household goods to our Resale Store.



Support can be in the way of direct money contributions, in-kind building materials, or labor and technical assistance. Contributions of your own time and effort continue to be our most valued asset.


Cash contributions can be made online by clicking here. When completing your donation please be sure to click on the Designate Your Gift box and specify "Oconee County Habitat for Humanity" as the recipient. Of course, donations by cash or check directly to OCHFH are always welcome.


Government or public financing partnerships are encouraged, but only for property purchase and development, never for house construction.

We create funding partnerships with:

  1. Businesses and Corporations
  2. Individuals
  3. Churches and Social Organizations



Businesses & Organizations

What can business do? There is something for every business:

  • Make an annual contribution
  • Provide a work crew
  • Post information about home owning opportunities
  • Fund a specific piece of the construction process or the sponsorship of a house

A business in the construction industry may be able to offer plumbing, heating, electrical or building materials, supplies or services.

A builder may give the gift of time by volunteering one day or many as a crew leader. One of the greatest needs on the construction site is persons of skill who are willing to teach and lead 4-6 unskilled volunteers in a specific task.

A business not in the construction industry may be able to assist Habitat with more than funds by stocking some office supplies, preparing and serving meals for construction volunteers, including Habitat info in customer mailings, and providing volunteers for special events.

House #54 was built by the Home Builder Association of Oconee County


Individual donations are a major source of support. Many find contributions to Habitat an appropriate way to remember loved ones. Memorials are always acknowledged in our quarterly newsletters and a gift card can be sent with online donations. Contributions of household effects when moving or closing a home also are appreciated, and we are pleased to provide volunteers to assist in this regard.


Thrivent contributes 65%, OCHFH 25% and 6 Lutheran Churches 10% of building costs


Churches and Social Organizations

Many of our local churches support Habitat by contributing towards the  building cost of a house, by donating property, or providing work crews.