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Habitat for Humanity - Oconee County, SC
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Looking for a Speaker?


Oconee County Habitat for Humanity has formed a Speakers Bureau

Oconee County Habitat for Humanity offers speakers to inform the community about its Christian housing ministry. Currently, the bureau has speakers to address church congregations, service clubs, civic organizations, corporations and garden clubs.  Speakers have a Power Point presentation, laptop computer and  LCD projector at their disposal.


            For further information or to request a speaker, contact Linda Staggers at 647-2216 or send email to

The Board of Directors 2011
Shepherd Chuites, President
Karen Graves, Past President
Bob Mattscheck, 1st Vice President
Ackerman, 2nd Vice President
Jack Lehman, Treasurer
Terri Mendonca, Secretary
Chuck Kellner, Member-at-large,
        Family Partners
Bill Banholzer, Construction
David Garrison, Member-at-large
Karen Grimm, Resale Store
David Gully, Member-at-large
Lee Jackson, Landscaping
Willie Jenkins, Church Relations
Barbara McGrey, Donations
Rick McGrey, Member-at-large
Ed Nichols, Site Selection
Margret Nordquist, Public Awareness,
Sandra Pruitt, Member-at-large
Walt Smith, Member-at-large
Linda Staggers, Speakers Bureau
Eilleen Trewartha, Family Selection
Ted Wanthal, Member-at-large

OCHFH Board of Directors attending Jan 2011 Board Meeting